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BR coach 34289
Refurbished BTU vehicle with ADB971004 & 975477

National network vehicles
975xxx series
Network Rail Breakdown & Support Vans


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** *** ****Michael Simpson
Warrington Arpley Yard** *** ****Roger Harris
Warrington Arpley Yard** *** ****Roger Harris
Warrington Arpley Yard** *** ****michael doleman
Wigan Springs Branch** *** ****Roger Harris
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  • 975087

    8 July 2006 - Jack Deeth

    Ouch! My eyes! Bring back khaki...

  • 975087

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Nice livery that. Better than the dull yellow and black so longer synonymous with the BTU's.

  • 975087

    23 February 2008 - Tony Rispoli

    Oddly enough it seems that after this vehicle was repainted it was stored and is now dumped at Old Oak Common!

  • 975087

    24 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    ...and as of the last week, covered in grafitti along with 975477.

  • 975087

    27 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    ...and now the five from Old Oak have been spotted heading north through Crewe! Any more info appreciated!

  • 975087

    29 February 2008 - Ben Williams

    Rumoured to be now at Wigan so any sightings / info appreciated.

  • 8 September 2019 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    Photograph has turned up here Location : Warrington Arpley Yard. Date : 16/07/19.

  • 975087 & 975471

    9 September 2019 - Robert Taylor

    975087 was ex Newton Heath along with 975461, around the mid 80's both vans were based out of Longsight I believe.