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BR coach 34249
Moved to Dartmoor Railway Association, Meldon Quarry 9/11
BR Research red/blue
Preservation location:
Dartmoor Railway
Preserved vehicles
975xxx series


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Dartmoor Railway - Meldon Quarry** *** ****Tony Andrews
Dartmoor Railway - Okehampton** *** ****Darren Pegg
Dartmoor Railway - Okehampton** *** ****Roger Harris
Dartmoor Railway - Okehampton** *** ****Alan Barclay
Dartmoor Railway - Meldon Quarry** *** ****Trevor Daburn
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  • 975046

    24 December 2003 - Ben

    After thinking this train had gone for scrap we got confirmation earlier this year (thanks to Brian!) that this and the rest of the Tribometer train (999900 and 975076 - visible here behind) were indeed still hiding in the depths of Derby RTC... They haven't seen use for quite a number of years though and what the future holds isn't clear...

  • 975046

    27 December 2004 - Ben

    The whole train - 975046, 999900 and 975076 has now moved to Ruddington near Nottingham for preservation.

  • 975046

    24 April 2011 - Ben Williams

    currently for sale through Car Services website

  • 975046

    9 July 2011 - Ben Williams

    Currently at Wishaw en-route to Okehampton

  • 975046

    28 October 2011 - Steve West

    Noted at Okehampton on 26/10/11

  • 31 October 2012 - steve rimell

    Does anybody know where this vehicle is now ?. & what condition is it in ?.

  • 3 December 2012 - Yes Tor

    Now owned by Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association and undergoing restoration for operational use on Dartmoor Railway.

  • 23 October 2013 - steve rimell

    Does anyone have anymore up to date info &/or pics of this vehicle please ?.

  • 19 February 2014 - Clive Warneford

    As a Member of Dartmoor Railway, I get their Magazine, in the Current Issue are some good photos of this vehicle. Repairs to the bodywork have been carried out and it has now been repainted in the Lab 11 style/colour and looks very good. The generator has been removed, repaired and refitted. Rewiring is next on the agenda for this vehicle.

  • 975046

    1 June 2014 - Intercity 125

    Is this still around?

  • 975046

    1 June 2014 - Vince

    Hi, if you do a search for the number "975046" you will get your answer.

  • 4 April 2015 - Vince

    Good to see that this has been repainted into a proper departmental livery, and not green!!

  • 5 April 2015 - Jon Horswell

    Good shot of it brightening up a dull and wet Okehampton on The Railway picture of the day for 3rd March.

  • 975046

    21 November 2015 - Ben Williams

    Good to see this repainted in this livery!