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BR DMU 55019
Moved to Cynheidre - Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway 7/12.
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Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway
Preserved vehicles
975xxx series


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Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Tyseley TMD** *** ****Dave Warby
Tyseley TMD** *** ****David Warby
Aylesbury** *** ****gsg66036
Aylesbury Station Sidings2011-07-08jarrod barker
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  • 975042

    12 June 2002 - Vince

    Does anyone know if these, or the others at Aylesbury are still in use? If so, are they still used for sandite, or just route learning now, with the introduction ( ! ) of the MPVs?

  • 975042

    13 June 2002 - Simon Bendall

    975042, 977723 and 977858 are still operational and used for sandite and route learning as required. Also see use as Aylesbury depot shunters on occasions. Obviously they see most use in the autumn, the two pictured above have not moved for some months. 977722 is just used for spares. Despite what RAIL says, Aylesbury has never had an allocation of MPVs and AFAIK has only had two visits since they were introduced. Last time I asked a Chiltern bod, he said there were no plans to replace the bubbles.

  • 975042

    9 February 2004 - Tom Walker

    note the differences between this unit and the one behind it. One is a class 121, the other a 122.

  • 975042

    12 April 2004 - Colin Burnikell

    Concerning the Railtrack livery worn by the class 121, when was this first introduced?

  • 975042

    20 June 2004 - Tom Walker

    I believe the answer to that would be 1998, but don't mark my words.

  • 975042

    10 April 2005 - Colin Burnikell

    Can anybody else confirm the date of 1998 as the introduction of these units in Railtrack livery?

  • 975042

    23 February 2008 - Tony Rispoli

    Were these fitted with OTMR this year then? Otherwise they could not be used on the main line and the sandite work definitely be done by MPVs

  • 24 July 2012 - Robin Morel

    reported as moved to - Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway Company Limited today at Cynheidre, courtesy of Allelys

  • 975042

    11 February 2018 - Ben Williams

    Anyone know if this was allocated set number T01 or perhaps T001? seems to make sense but records here on the "Unit Formations" page list T02 and then T003 onwards to T009 (although we don't seem to have anything for T008?)

  • 975042

    13 February 2018 - Jon Horswell

    Hi Ben, apparently not. According to the excellent Railcar website this unit, like most Class 122s, saw only a short passenger career. This particular vehicle became a route learner as early as November 1969 but it carried no set number, just its bodyside TDB number. By 1990 it was carrying set No.L119 and eventually it became a sandite vehicle, with its TDB number changing to ADB. Eventually it metamorphosed into set 122019 then 960015. She was the last Class 122 in service.

    The website also gives the history for 975023 (ex-55001) which is perhaps where the confusion lies? This unit carried set L101 for a time, then the L1 part was painted over leaving it carrying just set number 01.

    Hope this helps.

  • 975042

    20 February 2018 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Jon very useful.