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Scrapped - Vic Berry, Leicester 3/91


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Vic Berry Ltd, Leicester** *** ****Dave Warby
Vic Berry Ltd, Leicester** *** ****Robert Hewison, Brian Cuttell
Vic Berry Ltd, Leicester** *** ****Gary Thornton
Marylebone** *** ****Mick House
Vic Berry Ltd, Leicester** *** ****Brian Cuttell
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  • ADB 968000

    10 January 2007 - Ryan J Fuller

    How is this different operation wise from a class 20? Quite clearly they've extended the chassis and added an extension on the end.

  • ADB 968000

    10 January 2007 - SD0853

    This is a Class 15, not a 20. They are fitted with BTH electrical equipment and a Paxman engine. When converted to train heat unit's there traction motors were removed and the generators were then used to provide an electric supply to coaching stock.

  • ADB 968000

    5 July 2007 - Andrew Dyson

    In a recently published book, there is a photo of ADB 968000 at Gateshead in 1972. Does anyone know when it arrived and left?

  • ADB 968000

    3 August 2009 - Colin Franklin

    Is this loco now preserved and where is it located?

  • ADB 968000

    3 August 2009 - Ben Williams

    No this one was scrapped although 968001 (D8233) is at East Lancs Railway.

  • ADB 968000

    4 November 2009 - Kevin Luke

    I saw DB968000 on Gateshead Depot on 17/12/69. I assume it was being checked over before going to Heaton CS as a heating unit.

    Also when travelling from KingsX to Newcastle on 06/11/69 as the train was passing Doncaster Station , I saw one of its sister locos DB968003 (D8203) in the works sidings adjacent the Station .

    As far as i know they were converted at Doncaster in 1969 , so DB968000 may have been on its first trip north.

  • ADB 968000

    4 November 2009 - Matt

    ADB968000 at Vic Berry\'s:

  • ADB 968000

    5 November 2009 - Will D. Downing

    At Stratford works, 10/1/79, in brighter green: