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BR NPCCS 99201 / 35021
Moved to Northampton & Lamport Railway 9/08
Preserved Railway / Museum:
Northampton & Lamport Railway
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Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Obar123
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Peter Wreford
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Peter Hall
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Richard Pickering
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  • 889301

    21 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    This vehicle is thought to be currently stored in the depths of MOD Kineton although confirmation would be good. Whether it is still in this unusual livery is also unknown although I suspect not...

  • 889301

    3 June 2006 - Ben Williams

    Had confirmation today that it is indeed still present at Kineton and still in this livery although somewhat faded now!

  • 889301

    9 December 2007 - Ben Williams

    A rare view of this coach which has recently moved to the reception sidings from one of the more secure areas. It is also rumoured to be for sale and will almost certainly move from here early next year for a new home or scrap...

  • 889301

    28 May 2008 - Ben Williams

    Another shot of the other side of this interesting vehicle - this will apparently appear on the next MOD tender list.

  • 889301

    1 October 2008 - nick gilbert

    Now at Northampton and Lamport Railway still carrying same livery

  • 889301

    28 October 2009 - Ben Williams

    Another rare shot of this van in use... now at Northampton & Lamport Railway following a long period of time at MOD Kineton.

  • 889301

    28 October 2009 - Brain

    A ex MK1 bullion van by the looks of it

  • 889301

    1 November 2009 - Bill McTavish

    Well done mr brain! looks like you were using yours today

  • 10 May 2021 - Ben Williams

    Rare photo here showing this van in an ammunition train consist

  • 889301

    29 July 2021 - ian saunders

    This would appear to be one of the former bullion van conversions, l wonder what its future will be

  • 20 June 2024 - Simon Bendall

    Left the Northampton & Lamport on 19/6/24 to an unknown new home.

  • 21 June 2024 - Simon Bendall

    Has gone to the Llangollen Railway, arriving 20/6.