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Llangollen Railway - Pebtrefelin** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Llangollen Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Trevor Clements
Llangollen Railway2018-12-16Peter Wreford
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin2017-02-02Roger Harris

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  • DW 80975

    2 November 2007 - Ben Williams

    By coincidence I have been told this vehicle has recently returned to Old Oak from the Severn Valley. Possibly for some sort of overhaul or repaint perhaps? Any more info welcome!

  • DW 80975

    4 November 2007 - Jon Horswell

    I can confirm that this vehicle is at Old Oak and is just visible from passing trains (if you know where to look!!). It hasn't moved from its spot for about three weeks now and all enquires as to its reason for being there have so far drawn a blank.

  • DW 80975

    14 December 2007 - Ben Williams

    Its also currently visible from the main Old Oak Lane entrance gates.

  • DW 80975

    3 June 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Is this vehicle still at OOC?

  • DW 80975

    3 June 2008 - Bill McTavish

    If only you could search for it to see when someone last saw it huh?!

  • DW 80975

    4 June 2008 - Mr Quippy

    Or see in the photo description a tag line that says it has moved ?!

  • DW 80975

    4 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    It is still at Old Oak yes - it is just about visible from the gates to the Old Oak Common Lane entrance.

  • DW 80975

    15 December 2008 - Harold A Nicolson

    This vehicle included faded orange curtains, which came from FO's.

  • DW 80975

    15 December 2008 - Harold A Nicolson

    I realised that orange curtains were used for BCK, BFK, FK and FO.

  • DW 80975

    22 March 2009 - Harold A Nicolson

    The Queen and Prince Philip went on board this saloon on the Bodmin and Wenford Railway on 8th June 2000. DW 80975 returned to Old Oak Common TMD, and has remained there since October 2007 and it probably belonged to EWS and now belongs to DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd.

  • DW 80975

    22 March 2009 - Jon Horswell

    I was under the impression that it was in fact preserved.

  • DW 80975

    28 June 2009 - Jon Horswell

    And now moved to the Llangollen alledgedly. Do we know why it was at Old Oak for so long?

  • DW 80975

    7 July 2010 - Lawrie Hall

    I worked in this coach in 1973/4 when it was placed in Marylebone Milk Dock. It was an office used for people working on the development of TOPS.

    Indeed, I once answered the phone there 'Lawrie Hall, Coach speaking' and was thereafter known as Albert Coach.

    In 1974 I left my swimming trunks in the rack. Are they still there?

    Anyone know where it is now - the coach, not my trunks? It may have gone to Riviera Railways about 2008.

  • DW 80975

    9 July 2010 - Ben Williams

    Moved from Old Oak to Llangollen last year apparently but no one has sent any sightings yet