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Scrapped - Eastleigh Works on site by Robert Nicholas Steel 11/05


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Eastleigh Works** *** ****Brian Loughlin
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Andrew Cameron
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Keith Gunner
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Brian Loughlin
Eastleigh Works** *** ****Stephen White
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  • 70660

    1 September 2004 - Robert Black

    I recently passed Eastleigh depot on way to Portsmouth Harbour and i saw a Cep MDSO in what looked like Black livery.

    Could you help me in undentifying that unknown trailer?

    I hope you can help me with this one?

  • 70660

    10 October 2009 - Albert

    Presumably this was the OLE vehicle that the former CEP 1620 had in its rake (see 61948/9 and 70653)? *If* from that CEP and modified, this looks as if it was the former TBC (Trailer Brake Composite) coach, the 4 windows being former 1st class compartments. The grille would be where the double goods/wheelchair and guards doors were.