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Returned to Bounds Green after refurbishment 12/15. Moved to Worksop 6/20. To Crewe 8/22
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Crewe TMD - Locomotive Services Ltd
National network vehicles
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Crewe Horse Landing** *** ****Steven Large
Crewe Horse Landing** *** ****Peter Hall
Hasland** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Worksop** *** ****Kev Adlam
Worksop Up Yard2022-02-19Paul Warburton
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  • 6352

    7 December 2006 - Ben Williams

    May be a stupid question but looking at the photos of these GNER barrier coaches with the side doors sealed up - presumably the only access inside is through the end doors? Although maybe there is never a need to go inside? Are they completely stripped out? Any lighting etc? Or maybe they still have seats?! Any info welcome!

  • 6352

    7 December 2006 - Rich Mackin

    Does this particular coach even have end doors? Looks like the corridor connection has been removed and plated over. Good question though, could there be a hermatically-sealed Mk2 in there?

  • 6352

    7 December 2006 - Vince

    In the other picture of it there is a corridor door. And on the pictures of 6354/6355 they have a door in the centre which doesn't seem sealed...

  • 6352

    10 December 2006 - Andy Prime

    If it is just a barrier, then presumably the bodyshell is not really required at all except to maintain the tare weight of the vehicle, what do these vehicles work with ?

  • 6352

    10 December 2006 - Sam Burke

    "what do these vehicles work with ?"

    "6352 Mark 4 Barrier coach".


  • 6352

    21 December 2006 - Ryan J Fuller

    Notice the door hinges are that of a mk 1 coach? Also the door opens on the opposite side of a standard mk2.

  • 6352

    21 December 2006 - James S

    No, this is a standard Mk2, actually a Mk2a FK (later converted to a CK in Scotland by having 4 first class and 3 standard class compartments). The door is normal for an early Mk2, they all have hinges on the left hand side. Later Mk2 intercity carriages with wrap-around doors open the opposite way, i.e. all open away from the carriage.

  • 6352

    17 November 2012 - Ben Williams

    If someone has seen these recently can you please add updated sightings

  • 6352

    17 November 2012 - Jon Horswell

    I've seen plenty Ben but I don't know which ones. The problem is that the small dark blue numbers are very difficult to read on the orange stripe from any position other than really close up and stationary, hence the many sightings of 6353 at the NRM for railfest.

  • 14 January 2015 - Ben Williams

    6352 and 6354 due to leave for overhaul at Glasgow this week. When they return the remaing three are likely to be scrapped.

  • 23 December 2015 - Ben Williams

    6352 & 6353 have recently returned to Bounds Green after refurb. If anyone knows what livery they now carry that would be useful - thanks.

  • 25 July 2018 - Ben Williams

    Had a report of a barrier vehicle at Bounds Green in green livery - thought number similar to 6352? Has this had a repaint?

  • 26 July 2018 - Dan Adkins

    A photo from May (although taken in darkness with artificial light) suggests there is indeed at least one green Mk2 barrier coach there, but it only appears in the background so I have no chance of seeing which one it is.

  • 26 July 2020 - Greg Hartle

    A heads up on where these pair left at BN can normally be found on site would be great please. I never seem to spot them when I go past on a suburban service to Bowes Park and back..

  • 26 July 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Sightings of this pair week starting August 3rd would be very much appreciated, thankyou..

  • 3 August 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Would be great to know if these two are visible this week! I'm heading past on Thursday morning, thanks..

  • 3 August 2020 - Ben Williams

    There's a comment under 6353 suggesting they are in Palace Gates sidings. I don't know where this is exactly but suspect it's round the back so probably not visible from passing trains - best bet from local streets. I've not been there for years but think there is one road where there is a view of the rear...

  • 2 September 2020 - David Denton

    Hi All

    6352 left Bounds Green yesterday on a lorry going to Worksop

    Dave D

  • 4 August 2022 - Brian Cuttell

    6352 & 6353 on the move today from Worksop to Crewe hauled by D6817.