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21251 / 975678
Formerly 975678

National network vehicles
975xxx series
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Hasland** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Derby RTC** *** ****Terry Pearce
Darlington** *** ****Rich Mackin
York Station, passing2021-05-01Paul Walter Bartlett

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  • 6340

    9 July 2006 - John Silverthorne

    This coach was in GW green. Appears now to be in First? Blue from this photo.

  • 6340

    9 July 2006 - Ben Williams

    GNER Blue surely? Why it doesnt have the red stripe like the others isn't clear though...

  • 6340

    19 July 2006 - Chas Tallis

    I recall seeing a Barrier Coach in a Green Livery at Doncaster awhile back. I'll check out my pics and see which one it was.

  • 6340

    19 July 2006 - Chas Tallis

    I have a pic of this vehicle at Doncaster 6/2/2004 in a DK green livery

  • 6340

    26 August 2006 - Ben

    Seen here in its previous green guise before its recent repaint into blue! See other photo on site...

  • 6340

    13 November 2006 - Alan Weston

    Haven't looked lately but used to be the case that the HST barriers were all plain blue and the MK4 barriers were the only ones to carry the red stripe. Probably for ease of reference when looking what's in the yard. May have changed recently but used to be the case.

  • 6340

    4 December 2008 - Les Wild

    Seen Doncaster West Yard 3.12.,08

  • 14 January 2015 - Ben Williams

    One of 6340 6344 or 6346 left Craigentinny for overhaul at Glasgow works last week. Amy more news appreciated.

  • 9 July 2017 - Vincent bailey

    6340 Seen at Wolverton Works 08/07/17, along with 6344 and 6346

  • 28 July 2020 - Ben Williams

    Interesting photo here at Eastleigh works shows the old first class compartments still intact inside