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Moved to Mid Hands Railway 6/21

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Mid Hants Railway
Preserved vehicles
IU 08xxxx series
xxxxxxxxxx IU - preserved


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Eastleigh TMD** *** ****Mike Cubberley
Eastleigh TMD** *** ****Cristoff
Eastleigh TMD** *** ****Brian Stanway
Eastleigh TMD** *** ****Roger Beattie
Eastleigh** *** ****Tony Mason
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  • 21 February 2015 - Tony Mason

    I was hoping to get down to Eastleigh in March.

    Could anyone confirm that this & 889201 are together & where can they be viewed from i.e Cambell Road or Airport Long Stay Car Park



  • 21 February 2015 - Jon Horswell

    The Airport Long Stay Car Park would be your best bet. They SHOULD still be parked next to the fence and well visible.

  • 28 June 2016 - Ben Williams

    Advised the end may be near for these and other redundant stock here as scrap man is due...

  • 11 September 2018 - Ben Williams

    None of the Eastleigh TMD internals have been noted for years. Anyone know if stock has been cleared here?