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CDS3151 / 34
Mid Hants Railway

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Mid Hants Railway
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DS series
IU 08xxxx series


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Mid Hants Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Mid Hants Railway - Medstead** *** ****Hez, G Goswell
Mid Hants Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Mid Hants Railway2012-07-14KENNETH FOX
Mid Hants Railway2009-07-02Steve Best
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  • 083262

    20 February 2009 - Martin Allen

    My notes give this wagon as an ex-WD "Warwell", sold to Southern Railway and numbered CDS 3151 in the SR Departmental list.

  • 083262

    20 February 2009 - Andy Prime

    Looks like it was used as a crane test weight storage vehicle if those are metal blocks.

  • 083262

    20 February 2009 - Ben Williams

    083263 is the Lowmac type wagon behind - photo on the site soon.

  • 083262

    24 February 2009 - Martin Allen

    Andy, Yes these are crane test weights, made from cast iron. The lifting frame and the wire ropes are on board as well. It would be interesting to speculate how much this all weighs, probably more than a 30 ton Sherman tank, which is what these wagons were designed for. If you are testing a railway crane, you would need up to 75 tons of weights, depending on the crane! Previous practice was to use bundles of scrap bullhead rail with integral lifting frames welded on, in my day on the railway we called this "Kentledge".

  • 083262

    24 February 2009 - Andy Prime

    Thanks Martin very interesting.

    My notes also show this as ex 'Warwell # 34', not sure if that refers to a previous identity or not though.

  • 083262

    24 February 2009 - Martin Allen

    Andy, it sounds like the WD series number. Try contacting Tony Cane of the World War 2 Railway Study Group at Perhaps he can help with confirmation.

  • 083262

    12 December 2009 - Steve Cross

    Equipment Carrier. Transferred 05/78. (Warwell Wagon No 34). Info from Platform 5 Dept. Coaching Stock book 3rd Ed 1987.