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Dean Forest Railway

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Dean Forest Railway
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IU 06xxxx series
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Dean Forest Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Dean Forest Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Dean Forest Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Dean Forest Railway** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Dean Forest Railway** *** ****Stephen Galling
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  • 068305

    8 May 2009 - Ben Williams

    The previous ID of this van isn't currently known so if anyone has any info please get in touch.

  • 068305

    10 May 2009 - Phil Hetherington

    Well, it's a GWR design, if it is GWR built then the number will almost certainly be stamped clearly on the underframe. If it's a BR build it might be a little trickier but you might still get lucky. Have a look where the works plate used to be.

  • 5 February 2013 - Steven Jordan

    I have this wagon as W82487