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Moved to Great Central Railway 7/20

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Great Central Railway
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IU 04xxxx series


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Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****H, G Goswell
Churnet Valley Railway - Leekbrook Junction** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
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  • ADS 70185

    1 July 2002 - Ben

    This odd little van was allocated an IU number - 041979, but it was never carried. Its ADS number is partially visible under the grime at the bottom left hand corner. Spent a long time out of use in the yard at Immingham with other departmentals. I'm presuming this is now being stored at Kineton because it has been saved for preservation but I don't have any details yet.....

  • ADS 70185

    5 August 2002 - Glen Woods

    An excerpt from the April 1963 Southern Carriage and Wagon Society Notes gives the origins of theses vehicles:

    'Steam Heating - Boiler Vans - DS70185/6/7/8/9 are "0 SR Train Heating Boiler Van", all Southampton Docks; built at Eastleigh on 20ton mineral wagon u/frames:, 21'6" over buffers, wheelbase 12ft; not vacuum braked; new bodywork resembling a BR horsebox. DS 70190/1 are similar but larger, converted at Ashford from SCVs, suitable for use in express passenger trains, vacuum braked, 26ft over buffers, wheelbase 17'6"; existing body structure steel-sheeted. Both types have oleo-pneumatic buffers, automatic oil-fired boilers, a blue light to indicate "boiler steaming", an orange warning light showing fault (with automatic boiler shut-down) and fault alarm bell. 70185-9 take 880 gals water, 280 gals oil; 70190/1 take 360 gals fuel, 1000 gals water. 70185 is dated 5.2.62 - 70190/1 are for Bournemouth West, or Weymouth if required.'

  • ADS 70185

    8 April 2010 - Paul Bartlett

    Photographs of this in Immingham at 2 November 1986 and 10 April 1988

  • 22 December 2020 - Ben Williams

    Moved to Great Central Railway in July according to VCT... although I see we have August and Sept 2020 sightings of it still at Churnet Valley...