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  • 99666 - Structure Gauging Train Support coach - SGT1

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  • rob

    25 March 2008, 09:54:45

    not to be confused with 999 666 the london underground track recording car

  • barry hellfire

    25 March 2008, 21:44:55

    also not to be confused with the police and the devil

  • Newbryford

    24 April 2008, 14:35:28

    Hi All,

    I've noticed from a few photos that brake force runner 99666 has

    recently had the gangway removed/blanked at one end (the non-water tank


    Has the other end (water tank end) been similarly modified?

    Here's a link to show what I mean


    It's current formation is with 977868/999550/6263/977986, but all the

    recent photos I can find only show the end attached to the 37.

    Incidentally, 977986 has a removed gangway at the water tank end - does

    this also have a blank at the other end?


    Any help (or photo) would be gratefully appreciated, as I've got a 90%

    complete model of 99666 waiting to go to the paintshops! 977868 will

    follow in due course.



  • SD0853

    24 April 2008, 21:32:11

    Yes, the gangways have been removed and the doorways plated over at both ends of this vehicle.

  • Newbryford

    24 April 2008, 22:33:55

    Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated.


  • Dave Blacksmith

    25 April 2008, 08:29:11

    So whats left inside this coach and whats it used for?

  • SD0853

    25 April 2008, 12:54:36

    The coach (and the other Gat ex vehicles) are used as train make up/brake force vehicles. This coach is a gutted shell and contains nothing.

  • Jon Horswell

    25 April 2008, 19:46:12

    This is probably a stupid question but CAN entry be gained through the end doors, should the need arise. Its looks to me like the doors are bolted shut with handles removed.

  • SD0853

    25 April 2008, 20:07:41

    It's still fitted with door handles etc, I suppose you could still gain access to the inside of the vehicle if you required to, but what you'd want to gain access to the inside of 63ft of darkness and musty smelling air for is anyones guess. The vehicle still retains it's pass-com equipment, so access would probably be a good idea for carrying out brake tests etc, when the equipment would need to be operable/maintainable.

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