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  • 977974 - Network Rail Track Inspection Coach 2 - TIC2

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  • Andrew Royle

    7 June 2003, 20:26:10

    This is Lab 5, used by AEA Technology for testing purposes.

  • Tom Walker

    10 February 2004, 20:20:13

    Part of departmental HST commonly known as 'yellow banana'.

  • Tom Walker

    10 February 2004, 20:21:16

    An interesting comparison can be made with this coach (a mk2) and the Mk3 behind it.

  • Andrew Royle

    3 October 2006, 18:30:44

    Currently stored out of use at RTC.

  • Tom Alexander

    9 May 2007, 19:37:01

    This coach is now back in action as part of the new Hitachi hybrid HST. This is an HST that has a huge battery pack in one coach to run on. Currently testing on the Great Central Railway.

  • SD0853

    11 May 2007, 18:53:05

    The battery pack is only to get the train moving for the first few miles, the train isn't completely battery powered.

  • Napster

    26 September 2008, 12:33:19

    This vehicle has been converted for use on the ERTMS project. It will be used with the class 97/3 locos. Currently it sits at Derby RTC waiting the project to get to the stage where it is needed.

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