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    24 September 2007, 10:36:08

    Vehicle sighted still at Railcare Wolverton on 22/09/07. This coach has now been

    on the Condemned - awaiting disposal list for 17 years.

  • rob

    26 October 2008, 19:15:47

    can be viewed by looking over the fence from the "community centre" car park next to Tesco supermarket Wolverton.

    A 20t brake van with trainload freight coal markings currently coupled up to this coach

  • Ben Williams

    26 October 2008, 19:20:33

    The other brake van is B 954990 (not allocated IU number.)

  • Terry Lea

    20 July 2010, 10:10:02

    This is no longer visible through the fence at the 'community centre' car park. I had hoped to confirm whether it still existed at the Wolverton Open Day (now cancelled). Does anyone know if it is still extant please?

  • Ben Williams

    24 October 2010, 19:26:40

    Meanwhile this coach has now disappeared (assumed scrapped) with a couple of IU wagons. If anyone knows the fate please let us know (or if you have any more recent sightings - after April 2009.)

  • kev

    24 October 2010, 19:56:15

    shame to see it finally disappear....20 years on the condemned line and finally a goodbye - looked structuarlly sound as well,just needed glass and doors

  • SD0853

    25 October 2010, 10:29:03

    Not to mention all of the "hard to get bit's" such as "Bulk Inverters" for the lighting system, and all of the P/V equipment missing from underneath it.

  • Ben Williams

    11 September 2011, 17:44:11

    It is thought this may have actually gone to Booths around June 2010. Any confirmation appreciated.

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