Photo of 975076 at Old Dalby

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  • 975076 - Tribometer Autotrailer

Photo details

  • Old Dalby
  • 14 December 1987
  • © Colin J. Marsden


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  • Steve Rimell

    21 October 2010, 10:13:27

    Does anyone know where this vehicle is now ?. I would like to model this.

  • Frank Nicholas

    21 October 2010, 17:00:02

    Supposed to be at the Gloucester & Warwick, according to the Vintage carriages trust...


  • Andy Elms

    22 October 2010, 07:57:39


    Have a look at the comments to the other pictures, either that or enter the number in the search box, top right and see the "Sightings" records.

  • SD0853

    22 October 2010, 21:10:36

    Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway.

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