Photo of 975036 at Derby RTC

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  • 024965 / 975036 - Laboratory 22 - Soil Mechanics test train instrumentation vehicle / Mark 1 BSO

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  • Vince

    16 February 2004, 20:36:05

    Forgive my stupidity, but what on earth is "Soil Mechanics" ?!

  • Ben

    17 February 2004, 08:07:07

    "what on earth" indeed - nice pun. I'm afraid I don't know either though! Anyone care to enlighten us please?!

  • Iain

    20 May 2004, 21:40:33

    Soil Mechanics is the measurement of soil properties and the modelling and prediction of soil behaviour. Formation stiffness is the railway relevant part of this, and much development work is being done on finding better ways of detecting formation failure.

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