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  • 975025 - Inspection Saloon - "CAROLINE"

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  • Ben Williams

    18 October 2008, 08:34:44

    As previously discussed on the Yahoogroup, the front end of this vehicle has been remodelled at some point in the last year with the lights replaced, pipework and indicator box removed.

  • kev

    14 November 2008, 01:38:58

    looks alot tidier and at can now at least work with near enough anything, although they look better in br corporate blue grey

  • Harold A Nicolson

    8 February 2009, 11:30:30

    The pipework removed above buffers, any change driving positions were fitted to either end of this vehicle ?


    Further information would be appreciated.

  • Ben Williams

    8 February 2009, 11:34:50

    This photo was taken in 2006! So I suspect not...

  • sam burke

    8 February 2009, 12:17:37

    Sorry, I don't know what harold nicolson is asking?

  • Harold A Nicolson

    8 February 2009, 13:50:52

    33103 has pipework above buffers, which used to be connected 975025, so the driver can control locomotive on propelled from driving positions at front end of the saloon before.

  • Harold A Nicolson

    8 February 2009, 19:15:57

    I realised that Locomotives, Coaches and EMU have cable and pipework upper headstock which was used for the Southern Region before.

  • SD0853

    8 February 2009, 20:14:25

    Harold. Originally this coach had the same multi working arrangement as a 400 series EMU, and could work in multipul with either a 33/1 or 73/1 in the same manner as a 4TC unit (etc) would work.

    When the recent modifications were carried out, the control equipment was converted to "Blue Star" and internally the power controller was replaced with something akin to what can be found in a Class 31. So now in theory any "Blue Star" ETH fitted loco can work and be driven remotely from this coach.

  • Paul King

    15 May 2011, 20:35:12

    I happened to spot a mention of a soon-to-be released kit for this vehicle,

    and went along to the EM Gauge Society Show at Bracknell on May 14 2011

    Saw the prototype and it looks good: just waiting for the armchairs < G >

    My interest is that I was designer and part-constructor of the desks at both ends, using office furniture extrusions and panelling. ( I've some bits of the extrusions some 40 years later, and passed a few to the kit designer.) The requirement was to get the controls as low as possible to give the best forward view for the Officers, Engineers, etc.. It has had several changes of livery, acquired a name (*) and quite a few sundry additions and alterations.

    I see the waist-level hoses and control jumper(s) have been replaced by prominent marker lights. With the demise of slam door stock on BR tracks, the resulting inability to multiple matters a lot less than


    I may still have a copy of the original wiring schematic, although it will, from other reports above, be well out of date.

    (* Other sites suggest one should know who 'Caroline' was, but don't actually say! Dare one ask?

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