Photo of 96453 at Glasgow Central

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  • 96453 - Motorail Loading wagon

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  • Paul Walter Bartlett

    6 December 2011, 17:08:54

    Fascinating, can anyone explain what this was used for? A car carrier restricted to use in the Glasgow Area!



  • Jon Horswell

    6 December 2011, 21:11:33

    As far as im aware they were car loading vehicles. The cars would drive on to these and then into the Motorail GUV's via the end doors. I do stand to be corrected however. There were two at the Glasgow end and two for use at the London end at Euston. Saw them all many times but never noticed the information/instructions at this end of the photo.

    Clear instructions for what is, in all intents and purposes an Internal User. Instructions like these so often got overlooked by the enthusiast but prove invaluable to the modeller and historian. I assume the London end vehicles had the same instructions only with 'London' replacing 'Glasgow'.

    Should these have had to have moved 'out of area' anyone know at what speed they could run at. Assume 60mph?

    Also can anybody say for sure that these were built because of the lack of end loading ramps?

    The Mondeo also looks practically brand new and almost 'posed' for its portrait.

  • Phil Scott

    7 December 2011, 23:51:29

    I remember seeing one based at Carlisle in the early 1990s.

  • Ben Williams

    11 December 2011, 15:43:22

    They are indeed motorail loading wagons. Nice to see this photo of one in use! There used to be 5 of these, two have recently been sent from Bicester to Booths for scrap, one is at MRC as a Weltrol, likewise one at Bluebell. The other is thought to be at Bo'Ness although not confirmed by sighting so if anyone knows more please let us know! Probably back as Weltrol B 900938?

  • Dave Warby

    13 December 2011, 22:30:04

    When I took this photo, I was primarily interested in 'bashing' the class 87's, and I had travelled throughout on 1S55 the 08:30 ex Euston. There were usually around 3/4 GUVs conveying vehicles if memory serves me correctly. On arrival at Glasgow, they were quickly detached and shunted around to the unloading area where I took this photo.

    I also took a photo at Euston before 1S55 left of the GUVs attached to the rear of the trains DVT. At Euston, I recall that the vehicle loading process took place in either platform 18 or 17 (which had straightforward vehicular access). Once loading had been completed, the GUVs were then gronked into platform 16 (platforms 17 and 18 being to short to fit a loco, 8/9 passenger vehicles, a DVT and 3/4 GUVs). Finally, the train set would be attached.

    Phil Scott is indeed correct in stating thre was also at least one based at Carlisle.

  • Jon Horswell

    14 December 2011, 07:38:06

    Could be the 'spare' then. I forgot that there had been five. Some vehicles were definately located at either end of the WCML and then Carlisle aswell

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