Photo of 62482 at Norwich low level sidings

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  • 999605 - Ultrasonic Test Train coach - UTU5

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  • Rich Mackin

    19 July 2003, 14:01:50

    What Class did this originate from? 411/412?

  • Brian Cuttell

    21 July 2003, 22:47:51

    S62482 was formed in 4-REP (class 430) unit 3015 in the early1980's which later became renumbered 2015 (class 432). It was withdrawn/stored by the end of the decade and retained for possible future departmental use (with the number DB999603 reported allocated).

  • Robert Burch

    1 September 2004, 10:00:57

    4 Rep 2015 contained the very last Mk1 coaches ever built by York works and these driving motor coaches only survived in service as passenger carrying vehicles about 8 years.

  • Kevin Bunting

    22 October 2006, 17:31:14

    This vehicle, which was originally the sister vehicle to DB999602, is one that I rescued from storage in South Wales for conversion to a second Ultrasonic Test Unit in the later days of BR. The project ran out of money and impetus with the advent of Railtrack and was never completed, however, I won the battle to use the last of the funding to have a cover made and it sat at the RTC sidings in Derby until sold by Serco Railtest to Network Rail. The part-completed vehicle was then fitted out with the Sperry Ultrasonic Rail Testing System and finally saw departmental service as UTU2. Incidentally, UTU 1(999602) had previously been converted to the Sperry System and became known as UTU3. UTU 1 had operated for many years with the BR designed and built wheel probe ultrasonic system.

  • SD0853

    27 October 2006, 19:47:25

    I've spent some happy night's hauling this thing around the network, hope to do so for a few more years too!

  • Jon Horswell

    16 March 2007, 23:33:59

    I probably travelled in it on the Bournemouth mainline before the advent of the Wessex Electrics!!

  • Ben Williams

    20 December 2007, 21:48:35

    This has now received an overhaul, yellow livery and a renumbering to 999605.

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