Photo of 024916 at Gemini Rail Services, Wolverton Works

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  • Ben Williams

    17 October 2020, 21:34:55

    This photo reminds me - there's a recent photo of loco 01544 on Trainlogger taken last month at Worksop. It appears to have a yellow translator / match wagon with it. I wonder if this has been relocated from elsewhere. I'm not sure what units are being stored there?

  • Dan Adkins

    17 October 2020, 21:47:40

    The match wagon at Worksop is 041281. There's also a yellow Conflat L there too, but I haven't been able to work out which one it is. Both were at Worksop at least as far back as December last year, which would suggest the September sighting for 041281 is erroneous.

  • Dan Adkins

    17 October 2020, 21:58:55

    In fact, after just looking at the photo, the one with 01544 in that photo is the unknown Conflat L.

  • Ben Williams

    18 October 2020, 20:34:10

    Thanks Dan. Could it be a repainted 041998 perhaps? Maybe this got a coat of yellow at same time as 041281...?

    Comments under yellow 041281 pic suggest that was still at Derby earlier this year! Confused!

  • Greg Hartle

    18 October 2020, 23:12:14

    No way 041998... still dumped wheelless on a wagon at Bombardier.I sent you the pic of it earlier this year Ben, no chance that will ever return..

  • Dan Adkins

    19 October 2020, 02:47:50

    I'm sure it's 041281 at Worksop, identified by those trademark holes in the body! Most recent photo I can find that shows 041281 still on site is 10th August. I wonder if the second wagon could be the non-reported 041999? There's not a lot of clues, apart from it is yellow, and has a red bufferbeam, which must pre-date the yellow as it's quite faded.

  • Brian Cuttell

    19 October 2020, 13:14:02

    The yellow Conflat at HNRC Worksop has letters 'SSL' roughly written on it. No idea what that means. My photo of it is on the UK Locos website listed under 'Worksop'. It's been in the same place at the Western end of the depot yard on the three occasions i've had a look. I haven't seen another Conflat here although the yard is full of new units so not all stock is visible.

  • Andy Prime

    19 October 2020, 19:46:02

    SSL = Sub Surface Lines, Bombardier S7 & S8 underground stock?

  • Dan Adkins

    20 October 2020, 16:51:38

    Most recent pic I can now find where 041281 appears is 26th September, attached to 01544.

  • Dan Adkins

    20 October 2020, 16:58:05

    Oh, and if you're interested Brian, the YQA Parr you have a photo of at Worksop is 967649.

  • Greg Hartle

    20 October 2020, 21:03:09

    967649 was formerly in use as an IU at Toton, it is listed on here..

  • Brian Cuttell

    20 October 2020, 21:12:20

    Thanks Dan

  • Ben Williams

    15 November 2023, 18:01:24

    Looks like 024916 still present at Wolverton. Just visible here in front of the 323


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