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Waverley Route Heritage Centre, Whitrope** *** ****Peter Hall
Waverley Route Heritage Centre, Whitrope** *** ****Peter Hall
Whitrope Heritage Centre** *** ****Alex Betteney
Whitrope** *** ****Kev Adlam
Whitrope Heritage Centre2014-09-07Dennis Graham
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  • RB004

    3 May 2009 - Dave Birchall

    Was RB004 ever used on the national network??

  • RB004

    4 May 2009 - Martin Barnsdall

    RB004 was - as far as I know - never allocated a departmental number, nor was it allocated a class number.

    I'm not aware that it was used in passenger service - it is closely related to the class 141 dmmu's - being a single car unit version. It was at Telford Steam Railway for a long time. I have a picture somewhere.

  • RB004

    4 May 2009 - Dave Birchall

    It still is, i saw it heading back there on a low loader along the M60 on the 19/04/09 from the NRM Shildon

  • RB004

    7 May 2009 - Bob Bailey

    As far as I can find out RB004 only ever ran trials in the UK at the Mickleover Test Track before being shipped to the US in June 1984. It ran extensively in the US and returned to the UK in late 1986. It went initally to Litchurch Lane on return then went to York Carriage Works where it was used as an office.

    It never had a BR number of any sort. I have never even found out a builders number for it

    Bob Bailey

    Owner RB004

  • RB004

    7 May 2009 - Dave Birchall

    Cheers Bob, thanks for the info. I am hoping to get down to Telford at some point this year for a ride on RB004.

  • RB004

    29 January 2011 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    The above photo may be recreated later this year...

  • RB004

    18 February 2011 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    For those who are unaware this machine has transfered from Bob to Northumbria Rail ownership.

  • RB004

    7 July 2011 - Jonathan Flood

    For those interested in this Railbus and the other 2nd Generation Prototype Railbuses, please see The Railbus Trust's new Yahoo! Group ( and a Facebook page (

  • RB004

    30 August 2011 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    Currently residing at the Midland Railway Centre, Swanwick Junction. It is due to take part in their DMU gala on 10 & 11 September.