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Crewe Open Day** *** ****Wayne Allsopp, Neil Brown
Crewe TMD** *** **** Greg Hartle, kenneth spence
Crewe LNWR** *** ****Andrew Martin
Rowden Mill station, Herefordshire2013-06-06Kev Adlam
Rowden Mill station, Herefordshire2013-05-12Charles Francis Tallis
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  • 999509

    28 September 2008 - Harold A. Nicolson

    A picture of two Inspection Saloons are rare, next coach is 45020.

  • 999509

    28 September 2008 - Bill McTavish

    Harold do you perhaps have a saloon obsession?! There are people you can talk to...

  • 999509

    18 October 2008 - Neal Ball

    I have a photo of 999509 at Carmarthen in 1979 - see

    What is the history of the vehicle?

    Many thanks,

  • 999509

    3 December 2008 - Ben Williams

    Left Toton today - believed bound for preservation at Rowden Mill to join the other saloon there...

  • 999509

    25 January 2009 - Harold A Nicolson

    Probably Cyril Smith former MP have been on board 999509 that is why hauled by two Class 20.

  • 999509

    30 January 2009 - Keir Hardie

    what livery is that?

  • 999509

    31 January 2009 - kev

    wherever the vehicle was shopped it will be the depot engineer or the fleet managers special paintjob

  • 7 February 2015 - Ben Williams

    I'm told this has been sold and moved from Rowden Mill to Crewe TMD this week.

  • 4 February 2019 - Andrew Martin

    All over maroon livery but paintwork needs considerable attention.

  • 2 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Now moved to the new rail museum in Margate.