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Middleton Railway. Badly damaged by fire 2/16.
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Middleton Railway
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IU 02xxxx series


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Middleton Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Middleton Railway** *** ****kenneth spence
Middleton railway** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Middleton Railway- Leeds** *** ****Charles Tallis
Middleton Railway** *** ****Peter Hall
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  • RDB 998901

    22 March 2008 - Ben Williams

    This unit is to see a repaint into this livery over the next month or so...

    " As of today the above vehicle has entered the Middleton Railway Moor Road paintshop for a repaint in BR Research red & blue livery, which will match the Wickham railbus at the same site very nicely. Quite possibly the only pair of RTC blue/red vehicles in preservation - unless of course you know differently...

    The black ends with half yellow panels (see will be particularly attractive and if anyone is interested in chartering the pair in a month or so please contact "

    thanks to Ian for the news

  • RDB 998901

    22 March 2008 - Dave Shell

    I wonder what the cost would be to charter the pair - say back end of August ;)

  • RDB 998901

    23 March 2008 - Jon Horswell

    I would like to know the history of the RTC coloured red/blue van in tow in this photo? I assume it was a tool/stores van but what was its number?

  • RDB 998901

    23 March 2008 - SD0853

    The Red and Blue wagon looks very much like...

    HSFV4, (High Speed Freight Vehicle)


    Wagon type ZXX

    and was used as a "Vehical/Track Interaction Stores Vehicle"

  • RDB 998901

    23 March 2008 - Jon Horswell


  • RDB 998901

    23 March 2008 - Dave Shell

    Agreed, see Seeing as this (the wagon) is now preserved the above setup could be partly recreated...

  • 999507 & 998901

    12 June 2008 - SD0853

    Very nice. I like that.......alot.

  • 999507 & 998901

    12 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    Yes I think the guys at Middleton have to be congratulated again on another fine retro-departmental paint job! About time more heritage railways joined the anti-green revolution! :)

  • 999507 & 998901

    12 June 2008 - Dave Shell (NREL, AVRP, OTPPG)

    Yup, a good repaint there and some nice shots from Ian

  • 18 September 2012 - Steven Hill

    Does anybody happen to have any technical data on this vehicle, primarily dimensions? I would like to have a go at making this vehicle in N gauge, using Google Sketchup. I've started using this program and think that OLIVE would be quite a good project to begin with!!!

    Many Thanks in advance for any help


  • 19 July 2015 - Alex Betteney

    Now repainted in BR Green

  • 20 July 2015 - Ben Williams

    After making such a good job of the research livery why bother painting over it in green?! It was never green! The mind process of some people is truly boggling...

  • 17 February 2016 - Dan Adkins

    Severely damaged by arson on the 8th February:

    Not good.

  • 18 February 2016 - Jon Horswell

    Not good at all. Looks a bad one. May well be terminal.

  • 18 February 2016 - Brian Fox

    Hopefully if it has a future they can paint it back into a research livery

  • 27 November 2016 - Vince

    There has recently been a fundraising appeal launched for restoration of this vehicle. More info and details on how to donate can be found here