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BR DMU 51433
Scrapped - Churnet Valley Railway on site 5/12


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Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Churnet Valley Railway, Oakamoor** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Churnet Valley Railway - Cheddleton2009-10-04John Miller
Churnet Valley Railway - Cheddleton2009-09-13Gerry Desmond
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  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    18 January 2006 - IAN GRAINGER

    Nice photo-but surely, this is the same photo of 977391, NOT 977392. Could we have the correct photo please.

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    12 March 2006 - Mick Whitworth

    Does the paint ever get chance to dry on this unit? It's pictured at various times in the old BR research livery, a mixture of SERCo grey/red & Railtrack blue/green, Railtrack blue/green & finally Network Rail yellow!

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    19 January 2011 - Ben Williams

    This unit was not thought to be present at Churnet Valley after a recent comprehensive visit to all locations by one of my trusted regulars! Anyone any ideas pls?

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    19 January 2011 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    I think I read somewhere that it has been sold on.

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    10 July 2011 - Ben Williams

    Confirmed by someone at the railway that it is still present but due to be scrapped...

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    10 July 2011 - Phil Scott

    Any reason? It didn't look in too bad a condition last summer, unless it has been vandalised/stripped of metal. The CVR seem to be having a bit of a purge at the moment.

  • 977391 & 999602 & 977392

    11 July 2011 - David Milburn Shell

    I think the main reason was "it's different"

  • 28 April 2018 - Paul Davis

    Looking for some decent pics of all 3 vehicles for a model

  • 977391, 977392, 977393

    23 October 2023 - Ben Williams

    I did think this could possibly be 977393 as the large label in front window seems to match the other photo on here? However the date here doesn't tally with the Glasgow disposal...

  • 977391, 977392, 977393

    24 October 2023 - Dan Adkins

    I think it is. If you search 977393 on Flickr, there's a couple of interesting photos of it, and 977391 & 392, on the move together in a Bescot - Gloucester at Abbotswood the month previously. The formation appears to be the same in terms of DMUs and brake van, but the turbots have been replaced by POAs. Not sure why it was moved back up to Leicester the month after? Presumably it was stored (at Gloucester?) until the time came for its asbestos removal?

  • 977391, 977392, 977393

    24 October 2023 - Ben Williams

    Sorry yes I wasn't looking at dates properly last night! I also found this comment under 977393 entry:

    "An interesting history to this one (thanks to Kevin for the notes!) It had its asbestos removed by Vic Berry (hence the signs) before moving to Cathays where it was pencilled in to be converted to another ultrasonic test coach similar to the current 977391 and 977392. However this was cancelled and it was moved to Radyr shortly afterwards and ended up spending at least 3 years stored here (1990-3) before (unusually?) being scrapped at MCMetals, Glasgow in June 1993. Most of the stored vehicles at Radyr ended up going to Gwent Demolition at Margam. Its also interesting to see this received its 977393 number on the side even though the conversion was cancelled."

    I saw it at Elford (between Tamworth and Burton) in a scrap consist heading north on 25 June 1993 along with 977589 (6402) and 5130 (and possibly others!)

    Here's the Flickr links

    Only slight anomaly in this story is the photo of 977391 already at Leicester in May 1987

    So I'm thinking the Bescot - Gloucester move is part of the return trip and the date here may actually be June? Consist change at Bescot?