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BR EMU 77108
Scrapped - Gwent Demolition, Margam 9/93


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Cardiff Central** *** ****Shayne Lewis
Eastleigh East yard** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Eastleigh** *** ****Dennis Graham
Eastleigh Works1993-07-23Simeon Gaskell
Strawberry Hill TMD1992-09-20Roger Harris

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  • 24 January 2023 - david nolan

    ADB 977297 was re numbered from 1955 Eastleigh built Class 416/2 DTS S77108 which was paired with MBS S65319 as part of 15 x 2 car units for the Tyne Side 3rd Rail system but when this was abandoned & de electrified in 1963 all 15 were sent back to Eastleigh for overhaul & southernisation to the cab fronts with the replacing of marker /tail lights & destination blind for a SR short 2 character head code box & numbering into the 5781-95 number series & 6281-95 in summer 84.

    6289 was withdrawn Oct 84 & became Strawbury Hill Depot's Tractor unit 050.

    MBS S65319 became ADB 977296 & DTS S77108 became ADB 977297 in Sept 85.

    In Jan 93 it was reformed with Tractor Unit 054 with DTS 977297 paired with 977506 (ex S65323 of 6293) to become 054 & 977297 paired with 977508(ex S77112 also 6293) to become 050 & stored Eastleigh Down Carriage Sdg's waiting disposal though while it was there 977508 was exchanged with 977507 (ex DTS S77110 of 6291) Sept 93.

    The Olive Green Unit on the right is either ex Fratton's Tractor unit 018 ADB 977290/291 (ex S65318 of 5788 + ex S65324 of 6291/5791) or ex Ramsgate's Tractor Unit 019 ADB 977068/069 (ex S14549S + S16029S of SR 2 HAP 5629).