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BR coach 35289
Moved to Spa Valley Railway 7/16.
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Spa Valley Railway
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977xxx series


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Eridge Spa Valley Railway** *** ****Neil E
Spa Valley Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Spa Valley Railway - Eridge** *** ****Nick Tompkin
Spa Valley Railway - Eridge2019-12-13Trevor Daburn
Spa Valley Railway - Eridge2019-10-19James Pickering
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  • 977168

    11 April 2007 - Ben Williams

    This coach is up for a quick sale - viewing at Ashford on 13th April.

    Contact Shaun Andrews for appointment - phone number on advert:

    click here for Traction Ads page

  • 977168

    11 April 2007 - Dave Shell

    Ah typical - I get myself a mark 1 BSK and what happens, another good coach comes on the market. If the one Allelys had for sale is anything to go by you'd be looking at approx 6.5k upwards

  • 977168

    12 April 2007 - SD0853

    It depends what you want to do with this coach as to how good it is. The windows are all none standard (they are from a 101 DMU) The interior is gutted and is decked out as an open plan mess area. There is a chemical toilet where the guards comartment was, and the brake end has a bit 3 phase lister generator in it. The handbrake is external and it's air only.

    On the plus side, It did have good running gear.

  • 977168

    13 April 2007 - Dave Shell

    For myself it or the ex carillion on would have been perfect as the BSK i now have is going to semi converted anyway (it is currently gutted anyway) [it is M 34042 for anyone interested]

  • 977168

    28 April 2008 - Ben Williams

    I have been asked to stress that this is a private location and it is preferred that visits are arranged in advance. If you wish to visit I can put you in contact with the right person.

  • 7 May 2013 - Vince

    Now blue & grey one one side

  • 17 July 2016 - Alex Betteney

    This coach is reported to have departed Sellindge in early July 2016. No further details known

  • 28 July 2016 - David Denton

    This has moved to Spa Valley