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LMS coach 31045
Scrapped - Booths Rotherham 8/14


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Crewe TMD** *** **** Greg Hartle, Vince, Phil Scott
Crewe** *** ****David Sharpe
Crewe TMD** *** ****Mokie, Matthew Marsh
Crewe2014-07-02Dave Warby
Crewe TMD2014-06-26Paul Moseley, Roger Harris

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  • 975991

    20 May 2004 - Ben Williams

    As far as I know this coach remains here in 2004 - probably in an even worse state now than it is in this picture...

  • 975991

    24 May 2004 - Michael Hitchen

    Was this part of the test train? or was this one of the coaches that stood at the rear of the S&T workshops for many years. (Close to the railway end at Crewe Alex Ground.)

  • 975991

    27 May 2004 - Ben Williams

    It was part of a Crewe test train many years ago (not the last one which is currently stored nearby in South yard - 975051 etc) I suspect with the other coaches in the series 975986-92. It has been stored for a long while though.

  • 975991

    30 May 2005 - Andrew Rudd

    just walked through crewe diesel depot and this coach along with 2 GUV's and 2 CCT's are all awaiting scrapping by HNRC as chalked on the side of them. R.I.P.

  • 975991

    1 June 2005 - Ben Williams

    This coach has languished in Crewe South yard since the 1980s and has suffered as a result! The bodywork and interior is in very poor condition. Scrapping is imminent (cutting is taking place to the left of the photo beyond the blue/grey post van 84519) although there is a note scribbled on it to say the bogies are to be saved.

  • 975991

    6 June 2005 - John Silverthorne

    Still intact 6 June 2005 but the scrapman is just 2 coaches away!

    May be gone by end of the week

  • 975991

    9 June 2005 - Ben Williams

    I think for the time being this coach is again going to escape cutting! HNRC have currently left the site...

  • 975991

    22 July 2005 - Ben Williams

    Still present July 16th.........!

  • 975991

    16 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    This coach saw in 2007. Although vehicles around it are starting to be cut again so may not have to suffer for to much longer.

  • 975991

    22 November 2008 - Ben Williams

    Believe this is still on site at Crewe!? To think I rushed up there to get these photos too...

  • 975991

    23 November 2008 - Jon Horswell

    Is there no hope for this in the preservation market. Im sure it is in poor condition but plenty worse have been preserved.

  • 975991

    23 November 2008 - kev

    what condition is it in at the moment ?

  • 975991

    2 March 2009 - Jon Horswell

    Incredible though it may seem this vehicle is still clinging to this mortal coil. Any more news on its scrapping/salvation?

  • 975991

    6 March 2009 - Robert Williams

    I dont think it will be saved as some preservation group has been at the coach for parts. The bogies are marked to be saved, all the door locks have been cut out of the doors, the brake system has been robbed, and the lighting parts removed.

  • 8 October 2012 - Jon Horswell

    Incredible as it may seem, this coach still clings to life against all the odds. What is its rarity value and is it worth saving now?

  • 12 October 2012 - justin edwards

    There are at least 20 in preservation though many are in a pretty tatty condition. Probably not a good idea to add to the mouldering junk on presevation lines

  • 12 October 2012 - Andrew Cole

    Bogies might be worth saving for spares

  • 17 November 2012 - Ben Williams

    If someone has seen this recently can you please add updated sighting

  • 27 April 2014 - Ben Williams

    Assume this remains at Crewe but no sightings since 2012.....

  • 24 May 2014 - Kev Adlam

    Visible today on arrival into Crewe from the Nantwich direction attached to what appears to be 84519

  • 975991

    27 June 2014 - Ian Wilson

    Seen on Crewe diesel depot at the end of a rake of coaches on the 20th June 2014

  • 12 July 2014 - Ben Williams

    May be developments on this soon as the site needs to be cleared...

  • 14 July 2014 - Brian Aylott


    Why are Crewe DHS being cleared?


  • 20 July 2014 - Greg Hartle

    Noted towards the far end of Crewe Holding Sdgs and clearly visible from the station.Still going strong....for now....

  • 22 July 2014 - David Denton

    Hi All

    975991 arrived at Booths Monday 21 July in the afternoon


  • 27 July 2014 - Ben Williams

    I was told the depot is going to re-opened for use by another company - forget which - so DBS had to clear it out.

  • 27 July 2014 - Brian Aylott

    975991 was moved together with the remaining locos and most LHCS from Crewe Diesel Depot to the Down Holding Sidings over the last few months when the depot was leased by Locomotive Services Ltd (a J Hoskin company)

    The adjoining DHSs remain in use