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BR coach 34643

National network vehicles
975xxx series
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Derby RTC** *** ****Neil Brown
Goring & Streatley 13.48 (Eastleigh-Derby)** *** ****Ben Williams
Whittlesea Station** *** ****Stuart Fox
2021-04-22Michael Simpson
Ely Papworth2021-04-08Christopher John Harley

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  • 975875

    23 July 2007 - kev

    as i recall in the heady days of MAINTROL control the NSE translator sets were set so that a high air res pressure was required, as i recall we always tried to get 47/7s to do the job when moving westcode units around NSE

  • 975875,

    15 September 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Doesn't seem like the location is the old RTC to me... looks like that's on a mainline somewhere hmm...

  • 975875,

    15 September 2021 - Vince

    Looks like the RTC sidings to me

    Similar spot to this:

  • 975875,

    17 September 2021 - Darren Fairley

    Area In front of Brunel House Car Park - short section of OLE there.