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Reduced to underframe at Cholsey & Wallingford Railway by 9/18. Moved to South Devon Railway by 12/22.
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South Devon Railway
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975xxx series


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Cholsey & Wallingford Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Cholsey & Wallingford Railway** *** ****IAN RAILS
Cholsey & Wallingford Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Cholsey & Wallingford Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Cholsey & Wallingford Railway** *** ****Dave Warby
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  • 26 October 2022 - Peter Hall

    Not found during a visit to Cholsey & Wallingford Railway a few days ago. Enquires made suggest that the underframe/bogies are now at the South Devon Railway. The body was scrapped c2017.

  • 4 November 2022 - Ben Williams

    ...yet we have more recent sightings of it at Wallingford! Graham, Ian or Dennis - did you definitely see this one?

  • 4 November 2022 - John Silverthorne

    Erm There was an unidentified chassis in the headshunt at Cholsey only seen from a passing GWR train so unable to confirm but fits the description. Was seen in September 2022

  • 6 November 2022 - Ben Williams

    No the wagon currently at Cholsey is this one