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BR coach 35088
Scrapped - EMR, Kingsbury 8/11


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Long Marston Airfield** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Long Marston** *** ****Dennis Graham
Long Marston Airfield** *** ****Glyn Cornish
Long Marston Airfield2008-08-30Brian Stanway
Long Marston2008-06-08Leslie Wild
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  • 975456

    25 March 2005 - Ben Williams

    The Horsham clear out! - I'm still not entirely sure why this odd manoeuvre was necessary (!) but in order to get it into a position where it could be loaded onto a lorry it needed to be jacked up and shifted across sideways on the horizontal beams laid across the tracks! The coach in the background (975638) was also due to move to Long Marston during this week. Ferry Van 889016 has moved to Wishaw in the West Midlands for storage but unfortunately DS230 was scrapped on site. The large crane 96101 (partially visible behind) is due to go to the Dean Forest Railway soon while the other small crane 96501 is due to go to Swanage. I believe the yard has been cleared to make way for the new signalling works that are currently taking place in the area.

  • 975456

    26 March 2005 - Mark

    For those interested this is a nice shot of MFD re-railing equipment in action. The wood packing under the bogies is sat on roller trolleys which in turn are sat on the beams. In this case there will be 4 trolleys, one at each corner. Hydralic power is derived from the pump set (the red box located between the 2 gents). This feeds the control desk which is being operated by the chap in the Hi-vis. Infront of the chap sat on the beam is the 'displacement cylinder' which has a stroke of approx 400mm. At full stroke the cylinder is removed, retracted and then repositioned to make another move. The cylinder is double acting and hence can push or pull the load. I would suggest that there is another chap out of the shot doing the same at the other end. This kit is carried on Breakdown Trains (the beams being slung under the vans for transportation) or on Road/Rail Recovery Vehicles e.g Bruff, SRS/Volvo using shorter beams.

  • 975456

    14 August 2011 - Ben Williams

    After spending many years at Horsham and then Long Marston airfield this has recently been sent to Kingsbury for scrap...