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BR NPCCS 87937
Tanfield Railway (grounded body used as store)
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Tanfield Railway
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975xxx series
Fish Vans
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Tanfield Railway** *** ****Matthew Marsh
Tanfield Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Tanfield Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Tanfield railway** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Tanfield Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
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  • 975306

    24 October 2003 - Alex Betteney

    This van body is located on an embankment above the turntable area. It carries both TDB 975306 and and E87937 numbers in Express Parcels blue livery. The underframe from this van is reputed to have been used beneath a restored NER family saloon body. A number of other CCT/MCV bodies can also be found at this railway.

  • 26 August 2022 - Peter Hall

    This vehicle has been the subject of a number of emails between myself and the RHRP in recent years. Whilst I can't be 100% certain, all the evidence suggests that the body and underframe are now re-united. When this took place I can't be sure. However, Alex's comment and picture taken in October 2003 cleary show the body grounded and the RHRP have a 2005 picture showing the chassis under NER 70. Visit reports I have on file suggest this was certainly the case in 2008. The earliest picture of them re-united I can trace is in 2014 . The RHRP record NER 70 as having moved to Haltwhistle by February 2012. This, probable re-unification took place at aroound that time. I wonder if Peter has any pictures / notes from his 2012 visit that might help. Roger, did you by any chance see NER 70 on your visit to Tanfield this July and if so record any details of the chassis it was mounted on if indeed it was mounted on one.

  • 26 August 2022 - Roger Harris

    Not knowing what NER 70 looks like, as the only photo I have seen has it completely covered up, it is difficult to know whether it was at Tanfield or not. I will say that there were at least three old coaches in really good condition in the shed at East Tanfield, but it was locked up, and I could not identify what the coaches were through a gap in the doors. Whether 70 was one of those I do not know. I did not see any recently restored coaches at Marley Hill, but there were many bodies grounded on site in bad condition, and the coaches noted inside the shed were the TR numbered ones. I took photos of almost every vehicle I could access outside, except for the wooden hoppers, most of which are in a dire condition. Sorry, I can't be any more positive than that