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BR coach 34505
Scrapped - European Metal Recycling, Sheffield 1/96


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Derby RTC** *** ****Darren Reay
Derby RTC** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Derby RTC** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Derby RTC** *** ****Roger Butcher, Royston Morris
Derby RTC** *** ****Leslie Wild
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  • 975136

    10 July 2006 - Chris Thorn

    Look closely and you can see the original compartment interiors. Obviously housed very small test equipment in the van area!

  • 975136

    26 May 2016 - Kit Spackman

    The vehicle on the right hand end of Lab 12 is the singular HSFV4, now at the Eden Valley Railway I believe. HSFV4 was a successor to HSFV1 and used Prof. Alan Wickens' high speed wheel sets and suspension, and preceded the ten 'production' HSFV5s which had the coil spring suspension replaced by Taperlite leaf springs.