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BR coach 34500
Moved to Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway 8/09. At West Somerset Railway 10/17 for overhaul. Moving to Churnet Valley Railway 1/22.
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Churnet Valley Railway
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975xxx series


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Churnet Valley Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
West Somerset Railway - Williton** *** ****Roger Harris
West Somerset Railway - Williton** *** ****Agg Pup
West Somerset Railway - Williton** *** ****Andrew Martin
West Somerset Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
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  • 975076 detail

    5 November 2005 - Phil Scott

    The cab of this coach looks very similar to that of a Class 302/307 or EPB electric multiple unit. Was a cab from an EMU grafted on or was it just converted from the corridor connection?

    What is the plan for this vehicle in preservation - could it be used as a driving trailer in push-pull mode?

  • 975076 detail

    8 November 2005 - Peter Cummings

    With appropriate wiring, no reason at all why it couldn't become a DT.

    It would not be the first.

    The Mid-Norfolk ( or whatever it was called in its County School phase) had a coach converted for this purpose. It may be at Dereham now.

    Mk2 BSK, IIRC, whose ID escapes me at the mo.

  • 975076 detail

    10 July 2006 - Chris Thorn

    No cab was grafted on as the handrails in their original positions. The gangway opening was resheeted and various EMU style window frames fitted. The Mid Norfolk DBSO went to Eastco at Lenwade before being bought by Grimsby and Louth Rly.

  • 975076

    21 July 2006 - David W.R..Kerr

    Is this the former Driving Trailer from the Eastern Region Push/Pull set that was used in the timing trials for the introduction of Push/Pull working on the Edinburgh- Glasgow Services in the early 1970s.I remember seeing a similar vehicle being Craigentinny about that time

  • 975076

    5 March 2007 - Rich Mackin

    Is the date on this photo right? Here it's depicted carrying the later RTC livery, but in another photo on this site it is carrying the old blue/red livery - but the pic is dated 5 months later than this one!

  • 975076

    4 April 2007 - Simon Bendall

    Certainly is, remarkable history this coach!

  • 975076

    9 September 2009 - Steve Best

    Should now be at the G&WR via Booths as a belated swap with RB 1811.

  • 975076

    9 September 2009 - Brookrat

    It is indeed at G&WR but it did not go anywhere near Booths!!!

  • 975076

    15 September 2009 - James

    This is now at Winchcombe at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway and is in the headshunt on the line towards Toddington on the side of the Carraige and Wagon Workshop.

    I will put my best picture on here when I know how to do it.

  • 975076

    21 October 2010 - Steve Rimell

    Does anyone know where this vehicle is now ?. I would like to model this.

  • 975076

    21 October 2010 - Frank Nicholas

    Supposed to be at the Gloucester & Warwick, according to the Vintage carriages trust...

  • 975076

    22 October 2010 - Andy Elms


    Have a look at the comments to the other pictures, either that or enter the number in the search box, top right and see the "Sightings" records.

  • 975076

    22 October 2010 - SD0853

    Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway.

  • 975076

    27 March 2011 - James

    swapped the the GCRN for RMB 1811. 1811 is now in Maroon and looks nice, does anyone know what the future plans are for 975076?

  • 975076

    7 May 2012 - Richard Drewitt

    975076 is being restored at the GWR. Work is progressing well and we hope to test her with a blue star loco in the next couple if months. Haven't made a final decision on the interior yet. The original compartments were converted by the RTC and will require a lot of work to reinstate. The vehicle will be returned to its early 1970's lined maroon livery to begin with and go into our service stock. This may provide the first opportunity for public travel in this unique vehicle. I dare say that push pull travel in this with the GWR's 24081 on the train will be of interest to some. Does anyone have any other photo's of this vehicle on the national network?

  • RDB 975076

    3 September 2016 - Martin Allen

    Allocated to Derby RTC Tribology section, used as auto trailer for push-pull operation. Previously Mk.1 passenger stock BSK number E 34500. Now preserved at Ruddington.

  • 26 October 2017 - Ben Williams

    Seen today at Williton on West Somerset Railway. Unsure if a permanent move or just visiting.

  • 28 October 2017 - Dan Adkins

    Definitely sold from GWSR, so probably its new home.

  • 4 November 2017 - Simon Bendall

    Understand its due to be rebuilt as a standard BSK so may be there for a contract overhaul.

  • 30 March 2018 - Shane Wilton

    It is to be rebuilt as a standard BSK for use in a dining train. Shame really as itís a unique vehicle and was in largely original condition and almost complete bar a few seats in a couple of compartments. Still had toilet roll and soap in the toilet! I did try to save it but was too late by a few weeks.

  • 24 August 2018 - Kit Spackman

    975076 was parked at the back of the depot at Wiliton on the WSR today looking very forlorn. No sign of any work being carried out on it.

  • 12 August 2019 - Shane Wilton

    Still languishing at Williton.

  • 27 September 2021 - Ben Williams

    Current owner is now offering this vehicle for sale. There is a sales document available detailing some of this vehicle's interesting history - of which I wasn't previously aware. It was used in early push-pull trials on the ECML and in advance of the push-pull Glasgow - Edinburgh services.

    Anyone interested get in touch and I will pass on details.

  • 4 August 2022 - Ben Williams

    Last chance for anyone wanting to buy this! Likely to go for scrap soon...

  • 13 October 2022 - Jonathan Flood

    Advertised for sale again yesterday on Facebook

  • 29 January 2023 - Simon Bendall

    Sold and moved initially to Wishaw on 26/1/23.

  • 31 January 2023 - Ben Williams

    To Churnet Valley eventually.

  • 6 March 2023 - Vince

    not at Wishaw on 4 March, so presumably has continued north to Churnet?