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BR NPCCS 96300
Moved to Llangollen Railway ?/16
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Llangollen Railway
Preserved vehicles
975xxx series
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Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Trevor Clements
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Peter Wreford
Llangollen Railway - Glyndyfrdwy** *** ****Andy Basford
Llangollen Railway - Pentrefelin** *** ****Roger Harris
Llangollen Railway2016-12-29Darren burkinshaw
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  • 975056

    16 February 2006 - keith falconer

    i think this is one of the short-lived mk1 horseboxes introduced 1957/8, all withdrawn by 1971

  • 975056

    14 September 2007 - Keith Gunner


    It was converted in 1970 from the prototype Horse Box M96300. I am not sure how much actual work it did as a generator van.

    Regards Keith Gunner 14/9/07

  • 975056

    16 October 2008 - Steve Foxon

    I understand this may have been the Generator Van used with the ex-LNWR carriage that was used as a Cinema Coach No.DM395017M. Can anyone confirm?


  • 3 August 2016 - Peter Hall

    The comments from Keith and Steve are almost certainly correct. I suspect it replaced another Generator Van in 1970, perhaps one of the 444xx series generator vans was previously used with DM395017. DM395017 passed into preservation in 1973 which is probably when its use ceased. As far as I am aware it was a permanent resident of Wolverton Works from the mid 1970's, if not earlier, until being preserved at the Llangollen Railway in 1988.

    It has recently moved back to the Llangollen Railway from Llynclys.

  • 10 August 2016 - andrew burford

    I have a record that 395017 was noted at Southampton Central with DE320104 - 14/10/1956

  • 11 August 2016 - Peter Hall

    The only information I have in my records for DE320104 is that it was formerly 60741(?) which was a GER T which I am not sure is correct. However, perhaps though DE320104 was some earlier generator van conversion which was replaced by DB975056.

  • 10 January 2022 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    The HMRS list a photo of DE320104 as a generator coach by the late Ralph Lacy. Listed as c1954.

  • 10 January 2022 - John Hall

    I have no reliable identity for DE320104 other than to say it was built at Stratford Works in 1898 and was condemned at Wolverton Works in period 12/1971 and despatched to Doncaster Works where it was scrapped in period 13/1971.