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BR coach 6096

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Penzance** *** ****Mick House
Tamworth** *** ****Terry Pearce
Bromsgrove (Bristol Kingsland Rd - Derby RTC)** *** ****Roger Harris
Stafford2023-10-24Terry Pearce

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  • 72631

    19 November 2007 - simon harrison

    is this a inner or outer ex gatwick express Mk2F?

  • 72631

    19 November 2007 - SD0853

    It's an outer vehical. All of Network Rail's ex Gatwick stock are either single coaches that are semi-permenantly coupled to other vehicals or pairs of coaches that have buckeyes at either end, but are semi-permenently coupled with a solid drawbar between the vehicles. Network Rail did not take on any intermediate vehicles with a solid drawbar at either end. Hope this is of help to you.

  • 72631

    19 November 2007 - simon


  • 72631

    25 November 2007 - Simon Bendall

    NR did have two intermediate vehicles - 72706 and 72708 in the barrier sets 910001 and 910002. 72706 now scrapped and 72708 out of use.

  • 72631

    17 August 2012 - Ben Williams

    Thanks to my contact at Derby:

    "72631 is being converted to a Plain Line Pattern Recognition vehicle and should be out soon, 5981 is the next in line for conversion.

    PLPR takes photos of the track, one pixel wide (!) and then joins them together to make a continuous video. The software then processes the video and looks for where things don't look right (such as missing clips, damaged sleepers). It then alerts the operator to look at the image to verify what it has found. It is intended the reduce the need for patrolling, increasing safety and reducing delays whilst they are carried out."