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East Kent Railway - Shepherdswell** *** ****James Pickering
East Kent Railway - Shepherdswell** *** ****Peter Wreford
East Kent Railway - Eythorne** *** ****Roger Harris
East Kent Railway - Eythorne** *** ****Richard Pickering
East Kent Railway - Eythorne** *** ****James Pickering
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  • 457001

    3 January 2004 - Ben

    This was converted from Class 210 DEMU vehicles as a traction development unit for the Networkers. Four vehicles were converted, 67300/1 and 67400/1, these having been formerly numbered 60300/1 and 60400/1.

    Initially used on NSE South Western division in passenger service during 1989/90, formed 67300-67401-71733-67301. 71733 being a cl.455 vehicle with 67400 taking its place in set 5920. Classified as Class 457, set number 7001.

    Transferred to NSE Great Eastern in 1990 and reformed 67300-67401-71246-67301 for AC testing. 71246 being a cl.313 pantograph coach, 67400 remained as a spare car in the cl.455 fleet. Classified as Class 316 and given set number 316999.

    Returned to South Western briefly in 1991, reverting to 7001, before being withdrawn as testing complete, Taken to Eastleigh Works where it remained for several years.

    Current status of the vehicles is:

    67300 - preserved, Coventry

    67301 - preserved, Coventry

    67400 - in service with SWT, in set 5912

    67401 - scrapped 1997

    Thanks to Simon Bendall for this info.

    The disposal for 67401 appears to be under question and so if anyone knows anything about it or has any sightings please let me know...

  • 457001

    5 January 2011 - Ben Williams

    Confirmed still in storage for Eversholt at Allely's yard, Studley - been here for nearly 5 years!

  • 457001

    5 January 2011 - kev smith

    if alive is prob the last spare shell left for 317-322 & 455 left !!

    sold by sera ?

  • 457001

    6 January 2011 - Andy Elms

    Hmm, let SWT know. They could do with a 455 driving end after the one that got dinged at Oxshott!

  • 457001

    6 January 2011 - Martin Barnsdall

    I have 67401 (ex-60401 and 57001) as cut up at EH Works in June 1997.

    67301 was sold by SERA at Coventry back to HSBC/Eversholt leasing as a spare vehicle.

  • 457001

    7 January 2011 - kev smith

    thank you for correcting me, i wasnt sure or could remember if any spare shells existed, there was im sure at least one, cant remember if it was stored at york or ZG1, OR Litchurch

  • 457001

    9 April 2011 - Ben Williams

    67301 now moved to Wolverton apparently

  • 30 April 2018 - Brian Cuttell

    Reported moved from Coventry to the East Kent Railway on 23/4/18

  • 3 June 2020 - James Pickering

    The unit is owned by the Suburban Electric Railway Association