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BR coach 1042 / 975975
Formerly 975975

National network vehicles
975xxx series
Barrier & Translator vehicles


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Leicester** *** ****Tony Andrews
Derby ( 5Q90 )** *** ****Tony Andrews
Lichfield Tv Junction** *** ****Jim Carter
Derby2021-11-08Terry Pearce
Worksop2021-10-08Darren burkinshaw

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  • 6377

    12 March 2003 - brian loughlin

    6377 EX ADB975975 6376 EX ADB975973 NOTE THIS WAY ROUND.

  • 6377

    1 April 2003 - brian loughlin

    6377 LIVE 27.03.03 POOL SBAG

  • 975975

    10 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    This coach has now been renumbered 6377

  • 6377

    8 May 2011 - jarrod barker

    does anybody know what the ID of the grounded van is in the background please. It was still there 7/5/2011. I am presuming that it is what is listed as van 2, but confirmation would be nice please.

  • 6377

    10 June 2011 - Robert Hewison

    Hey Jarrod

    The grounded van behind is B783962, all perfectly legible on the bodyside

    Cheers Rob

  • 6377

    12 June 2011 - jarrod barker

    Thankyou Rob.


  • 19 October 2015 - Greg Hartle

    Currently in use in the movement of Class 375 Electrostar to and from Bombardier, Derby for overhaul.This vehicle was coupled to 6376 in the sidings, viewable from the car park on London Rd..