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Scrapped - Christie, Glasgow 11/89


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Mossend Yard** *** ****Roger Butcher
Aberdeen Ferryhill TMD** *** ****Roger Harris
Aberdeen** *** ****Simeon Gaskell
Aberdeen1984-09-15Roger Harris
Aberdeen1984-05-21Stephen Kinsey
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  • ADM 44402

    20 March 2009 - Andy Prime

    Confirmaton of the location would be welcome, Fort William was the nearest I could pin it down to in my shoddy notebook !

  • ADM 44402

    20 March 2009 - Ben Williams

    Yes the background doesn't look familiar but then I never visited in the early 80s. I think this is also too late to be the old station which was demolished in the mid to late 70s I think. Would make sense they had a heating carriage here though for the sleeper stock? Any more info appreciated!

  • ADM 44402

    11 April 2009 - Andy Burford

    I have as being allocated at Mossend during the last 1990's?

  • ADM 44402

    1 July 2009 - Andy Prime

    This spent parts of the mid 1980's at Polmadie OOU according to the earlier Departmental Books. Anyone recognise Polmadie here ?

  • ADM 44402

    12 March 2012 - Graham Mackay

    The location is Aberdeen Clayhills carriage sidings, next to the south end of Aberdeen station.