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Rushden Transport Museum
DE series


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Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****G Goswell
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Tony Andrews
Rushden transport museum** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Tony Andrews
Rushden Station Museum** *** ****Roger Harris
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  • 321073

    21 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    This is now at the Great Central Railway - see other picture on site.

  • 321073

    19 September 2008 - Phil Hetherington

    This was sold to a diesel group based at the Battlefield Line and I think it moved there sometime around July (give or take a month - don't know exactly)

  • 321073

    16 February 2011 - John Hall

    I have DE321071/4/6/8 going to VBL as scrap c10/87 with DE321076/8 never recorded and believed cut on arrival with DE321071/4 noted at VBL until 5/6/88 when it is assumed they were scrapped shortly afterwards. I have DE321073 as sold from BR to GCR in c11/87 with a tops disposal date of 2/89 as disposal to Loughborough. However, several reports sugguest that DE321073 was present at VBL from 12/88 to 12/90 so was it initially moved to the GCR railway and moved to VBL for asbestos removal/scrap and sent/sold back to GCR or did it go direct from BR to VBL in 12/88 and resold/asbestos removal prior to entering preservation in c4/91 or are the VBL sightings of DE321073 an error for DE321071/4. Can anyone help please.

  • 321073

    16 February 2011 - Paul Bartlett

    According to Vintage carriage database this is now at somewhere they call Battlefield!

  • 321073

    16 February 2011 - John Hall

    Thanks Paul. Yes it moved from the Great Central Railway to the Shackerstone Railway, (also referred to as either the Market Bosworth Light Railway or the Battlefield Railway), in July 2008 as Ben records on his sight.

  • 321073

    22 February 2011 - Phil Hetherington

    According to the GCR's in-house magazine 'Main Line', issue #58 (Autumn 1987), the vehicle was "standing at March TMD". The copy date of this magazine was 1/7/87 (publication 2 months later) so the purchase must have been earlier than you thought. The following edition (3 months later) states that the vehicle's movement had been delayed as brown asbestos was found and was to be removed at BR's expense. After this the trail goes cold as the C&W reports in the magazines fizzled out for 2 or 3 years. However my very vague recollection is that the asbestos removal dragged on for a couple of years (I've an even more vague idea that Vic Berry might have done it) which would explain why it didn't arrive at the GCR until 1989/90ish. It was used to pre-heat trains in winter but later fell into disuse when the boiler required overhaul and was subsequently sold to the Battlefield line, as noted.

  • 321073

    23 February 2011 - John Hall

    Thanks a lot Phil. I will therefore assume it's arrival and presence at Vic Berry's scrapyard was for asbestos removal and that it probably went there direct from BR.

  • 321073

    26 February 2011 - Brian Cuttell

    I saw DE321071 & DE321074 still intact at Vic Berry's 5/6/88 but they had gone by 21/8/88. The first time i saw DE321073 at Berry's was on 29/1/89 and it was still there 30/12/90. It left early 1991 as i saw it at the GCR Loughborough 7/4/91

  • 321073

    8 March 2011 - John Hall

    Thankyou to Phil and Brian for taking the time to answer my queries regarding this and the other boiler vans. All the best. John

  • 5 August 2020 - Tony Andrews

    Noted in green colour, being used as storage