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Moved to Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway ?/15. Stored at Wishaw

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Wishaw - Railway Support Services** *** ****Alex Betteney
Wishaw - Railway Support Services** *** ****Vince
Moveright International, Wishaw** *** ****G Goswell
Moveright International, Wishaw** *** ****Alex Betteney
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
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The following comments have been left on photos of this vehicle. To reply, just visit one of the photos.

  • DW262

    21 July 2013 - Ben Williams

    Not much info on this van so if anyone has any please let us know...

  • DW262

    22 July 2013 - Dan Adkins

    VCT has a little bit

  • DW262

    26 July 2013 - Ben Williams

    So VCT page has no refence to DW262.... Simon you sure your info is correct?

  • DW262

    27 July 2013 - Peter Hall

    Try So looks to be some confusion regarding what the picture is. It should be noted that quite substantial alterations have taken place to the various GWR 4-wheel designs taken into departmental service which often makes correct identification difficult if numbers are not carried. DW262 was one of those I refer to as 'purpose built for departmental use by the GWR' as a Breakdown Train Tool Van.

  • DW262

    30 July 2013 - Steven Jordan

    I have done a little digging around working on my original suspicion that this is a GWR Toad brake van rebuild. Although I have found no specific reference to DW262 there is a works photograph of DW263 on page 334 of JH Russells 'Freight Wagons & Loads of GWR & BR Western Region' which is very similar if not identical to the photo above. DW263 was converted from an older 20T Toad brake van in 1952 for use with the S&T dept at Fishponds, Bristol and I believe DW262 was similarly rebuilt for the S&T dept. I have no disposal details for either vehicle except to say both were disposed of prior to 1976, hope this helps.

  • DW262

    12 August 2013 - Ben Williams

    A photo has been submitted showing this van in earlier days and it looks the same. But does seem there may be two entries on VCT for same van? This pic will be on the website soon.

  • DW262

    13 August 2013 - Steven Jordan

    Hi Ben, yes there are two entries for this van, may well be that there both correct I believe DW262 was W17931 before conversion in the 1950's.

  • DW 262

    14 September 2013 - Ben Williams

    An earlier photo confirming the identity of the this van - now at Dean Forest.

  • DW262

    20 December 2013 - Peter Hall

    I have had another look at this in the light of the above comments. Although I said "DW262 was one of those I refer to as 'purpose built for departmental use by the GWR' as a Breakdown Train Tool Van" it is now clear it was not. Fortunately both this and DW263 also mentioned survive. Both DW262 and DW263 were converted from Toad(?) Brake Vans in 1952 to S&T Staff & Tool Vans. DW262 is as we know at the Dean Forest Railway and DW263 is at Didcot Railway Centre.

  • 21 December 2013 - Peter Hall

    DW262 was NOT converted from W17931 but I do not know what it was converted from, Both DW262 and DW17931 are as far as I am aware both located at the Dean Forest Railway. The VCT is correct in listing both there but the photograph they have of DW17931 is actually of DW262.

    Evidence to proof this comes by way of the following photographs. Above is a picture of DW262 in 1986. Paul Bartlett has a picture of DW17931 taken in 1987. Note how different they are.

  • 28 December 2013 - Ben Williams

    Details amended and DW263 (at Didcot) now added. Any sightings of the latter are welcome...

  • 2 August 2016 - Peter Hall

    This has now returned to the GWSR. Anyone any idea when this took place. Further digging suggests this was first preserved at Ashchurch in the early 1970's. It appears to have had the same ownership as AB 2221/1946 0-4-0ST 'DEVONPORT DOCKYARD 2'. Both then moved to the GWSR then to the DFR. Has the 0-4-0ST also returned to the GWSR?