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Moved to Rushden Station Transport Museum 4/08
Grey / yellow
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Rushden Transport Museum


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Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****G Goswell
Rushden transport museum** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Rushden Transport Museum** *** ****Tony Andrews
Rushden Station Museum** *** ****Roger Harris
Rushden Transport Society** *** ****Dennis Graham
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The following comments have been left on photos of this vehicle. To reply, just visit one of the photos.

  • 200090

    10 May 2006 - Ben

    A van worthy of inclusion on the website I think as it is practically an internal user (unless anyone knows different?!) Just visible to the right is 024818.

  • 200090

    21 April 2012 - Robin Morel

    now with Rushden Historical Transport Society.

  • 200090

    22 April 2012 - Dan Adkins

    Indeed, I did upload a photo of it there to this site a while back, along with several others from Rushden, they all got approved, but then strangely disappeared without a trace, never bothered to follow it up.

  • 200090

    23 April 2012 - Ben Williams

    hi Dan

    I do remember you submitting the photos but I can't remember why they didn't make it onto the site. It may be that they were too similar to ones we had on here already or (as I think was the case with this van) already repainted? Once former departmentals get repainted or restored they fall out of the scope of this site.

    Unfortunately I also can't put everything on that gets submitted now because of limited webspace.

  • 200090

    23 April 2012 - Dan Adkins

    Thanks Ben, to be honest I can't even remember which ones I uploaded now!

  • 5 August 2020 - Tony Andrews

    Noted in Dutch livery today - grey lower and yellow upper