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Hardingham Station, Norfolk

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IU 04xxxx series


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North Norfolk Railway** *** ****Obar123
North Norfolk Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Hardingham Station, Norfolk** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
Hardingham Station, Norfolk** *** ****Dennis Graham
Hardingham Station, Norfolk** *** ****Brian Stanway
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  • 041681

    29 May 2003 - Ben

    I know some IUs are difficult to find but this one must surely take the prize?! It is soon going to be completely engulfed by the trees!! Is the number on it still visible?

  • 041681

    29 May 2003 - Vince

    The number was indeed visible on the wagon, albeit the one it carried before becoming an IU (558090).

  • 041681

    2 June 2003 - Brian Cuttell

    It looks like the 'Ground Force' team were looking for a new 'Rust Feature'!

    I suppose someone might save it if its not in bad condition.

  • 041681

    3 June 2003 - Michael Winter

    Having been to Kings Lynn a few weeks ago I searched high and low for this I/U but couldn't find it!!! Where am I going wrong!- Directions would be helpful!!!

  • 041681

    26 August 2006 - Ben

    This is the wagon which spent many years languishing in the bushes at Kings Lynn! See other photo on site (link below)