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Previously thought to be ex B786161 but plate confirmed B786181 Feb 2013.

Preservation location:
Great Central Railway
IU 04xxxx series
xxxxxxxxxx Preserved


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Great Central Railway - Quorn** *** ****G Goswell
Quorn & Woodhouse** *** ****Ross Alexander Loades
Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Alex Betteney
Neville Hill2018-12-11Tony Walmsley
Leeds Neville Hill2018-08-14Mokie

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  • 041498

    18 December 2004 - Carl


    I was wondering what livery this is? Is it warning yellow?

  • 041498

    14 September 2013 - Ben Williams

    Paint peeling a little now, this was previously thought to be ex B786161 but plate confirmed B786181 on this visit.

  • 16 April 2016 - Royston Morris

    I am pleased that this vehicles' identity has been sorted out at last - because I spotted the body of B 786161 in the yard of a Sand & Gravel Company in Carmarthenshire back in April 2000 (the number was clear on the back of it).

  • 21 July 2020 - David Denton

    Hi All

    This should move to GCR tonight

    Dave D

  • 22 July 2020 - Ross Alexander Loades

    Arrived at GCR this morning. It'll be another one to put in our van train!