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Toton TMD

National network vehicles
IU 02xxxx series


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Toton TMD** *** ****Dave Kirwin
Toton Training Compound** *** ****Brian Stanway
Toton TMD** *** ****Brian Stanway
Toton TMD2020-03-25 Greg Hartle
Toton TMD2020-03-17Brian Stanway
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  • 13 September 2020 - Brian Stanway

    In the training compound south of the TMD.

  • 10 April 2021 - Brian Stanway

    Hi Ben, hope you are well - isn't this wagon 025040 or have i got that wrong ?

  • 10 April 2021 - Ben Williams

    Oh yes well spotted! I'll sort it out...

  • 10 April 2021 - Brian Stanway

    LOL :-)