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Moved to Railway Retreats, Northiam 1/21

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Railway Retreats, Northiam
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IU 02xxxx series


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Railway Retreats, Northiam** *** ****Peter Hall
Railway Retreats, Northiam** *** ****Roger Harris
Railway Retreats, Northiam** *** ****Peter Hall
Hope Farm, Sellindge** *** ****Peter Hall
Hope Farm, Sellindge** *** ****Peter Wreford
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  • 024534

    19 November 2006 - Andy Prime

    According to my notes this was previously based at Wolverhampton.

  • 7 January 2021 - Ben Williams

    This has just arrived at KESR Wittersham Road - destined for the Railway Retreats site at Northiam.

  • 17 April 2024 - Peter Hall

    This is now located at Railway Retreats, Northiam rather than the Kent & East Sussex Railway. I would suggest Railway Retreats, Northiam is set up as a Private preservation location as DS93 and 083572 are also located at this location.

    Probably arrived at Northiam late 2020. Thus Roger's 2021 sighting is correct.

    There is some confusion regarding the movements of 024534 in 2020. However, it now seems likely that it arrived on the Kent & East Sussex Railway from Sellindge in cMarch 2020. It was only there for a week whilst a wheel set swap took place. It then moved to a farm at Sandhurst where it was converted for its new role at Northiam. This has included the replacement of end doors with PMV style ends.

    Ben's comment about it arriving at Wittersham Road in January 2021 is interesteing. Ben, are you sure about the location being Wittersham Road and not Northiam?

    An alternative suggestion is that it didn't arrive from Selindge until January 2021 and it was at Wittersham Road where the wheelset swap took place with conversion taking place at Sandhurst in the first half of 2021.

  • 24 June 2024 - Peter Hall

    My sightings at Northiam, also that of Roger's, should now be treated as suspicious. We certainly saw what we believed was 024534 converted into holiday accommodation. However, I'm told 024534 turned up at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre on 4th January 2023 from an unknown location. Soon after the bodywork was removed and the body of 45024 (ex WCJS 102) placed on the chassis.

    This raises numerous questions! What is the identity of vehicle myself and Roger saw at Northiam? Where had 024534 been between 2017 when Peter saw it at Sellindge and it turning up at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre? If 024534 did actually arrive at Wittersham Road in January 2021, now long did it stay there, did it ever go to Sandhurst or did it go straight to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre? If it wasn't 024534 at Wittershanm Road what was it?

  • 26 June 2024 - Peter Hall

    Something has struck me regarding Ben's comment on 7 January 2021. Could it be the 1770 being referred to isn't 024534 but crane DS1770 which was berthed at Wittersham Road at the time?