Photo of 975091 at Nuneaton

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  • 975091 - OHLM Test coach (formerly Test Car 3 "Mentor")"

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  • Nuneaton
  • 25 February 1998
  • © Ian Attenborough


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  • Mr G A Woodward MIET IENG

    25 March 2007, 09:45:58

    Dear Sir, or Madam,

    I believe that I may have done a lot of work on this carriage, while working as an apprentice vehicle builder in BREL Swindon Works in about the year 1978. I also remember working on Hermes which was a sister test carriage to Mentor and was built at roughly the same time.

    Could you possibly tell me where the work on this MENTOR carriage was done. Of course it could be one of many.

    Would you happen to know if these are the ones built in Swindon? as I would have been a young lad of about 18 years at the time, but am now 53 years. Frightening!

    Thank you

    Mr G A Woodward MIET IENG

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