Photo of 395223 at Peak Rail Rowsley

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  • 395223 - CE Track Recording coach

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  • Peak Rail Rowsley
  • 20 September 2003
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Mark Brame

    7 February 2007, 15:16:30

    Nostalgia rules! It was great to find what has become of the old LMR Track Recording Coach. During the late 1970's I spent a couple of years as operator on the coach, travelling the expanses of LMR and beyond - often paying visits to Scotland and Newcastle.

    Is it planned to bring the coach back into some sort of operation or is it available for public visits?

  • Trevor K Barham

    16 August 2013, 19:16:27

    The Hallade Track Recording machine that was mounted inside this coach is now in the Warehouse Section of the NRM at York (seen when visiting Great Gathering) and an original Trace taken between Brinklow & Crewe made during 1976 in this vehicle was left with the Warehouse Curator.

    Note the original 1924 LMS Kitchen Car bogies, whereas the only other BR Track Recording / Testing Car No. DW139 (now at Barry) had new B4 type bogies fitted.

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