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BR coach 3014
Scrapped - Booths, Rotherham 11/06


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Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Leslie Wild
Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Leslie Wild
Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Les Wild
Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Les Wild
Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Les Wild & Brian Stanway
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  • 975658

    26 June 2003 - Ben

    This spent a while in the yard at York but I'm pretty sure it wasn't there on my last visit in December 2002. It is owned by a private owner - does anyone know where it has moved to please?

  • 975658

    1 July 2003 - Ben

    According to one of my regular contributors this coach is still at York south yard - presumably hiding behind wagons when I visited...

  • 975658

    26 October 2004 - Carl

    By saying York yard south do you mean the south of the north yard?

    and if so is this the coach you can see from the cul-de-sacks from the main road because i certainly remember sighting this.



  • 975658

    28 October 2004 - Ben Williams

    Brian tells me it was in the south sidings of York yard but may have been moved within this yard since the photo was taken.

  • 975658

    17 October 2006 - Ben Williams

    After many years lingering in the York area this coach has recently been despatched to Booths in Rotherham and has already been cut in half... Interestingly this coach also spent some time at Booths in 1995! Presumably it was rescued from there but not so lucky this time round.....